EZA lithium power-packs

All your 12V problems solved!

Designed in France, the EZA 12V Lithium power-pack system is the ultimate power source for anyone who relies on 12 volts when living in a vehicle or boat. An EZA system has none of the disadvantages associated with lead-acid batteries, providing reliable 12V power whenever it’s needed. It simply replaces the existing leisure batteries, it won’t require maintenance and, even if 50 Amps is used every single day, it should last for well over 20 years.

The batteries used in EZA power-packs are LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) and are the safest type of lithium batteries. They will not overheat and, even when punctured, do not catch fire. They don't give off toxic fumes or dangerous gases and so can be kept in locations where lead-acid batteries could be dangerous.

The people behind the EZA system have thought of everything to make it simple to install, easy to use and as reliable as it can possibly be. By far the best-selling lithium leisure battery in Europe, thousands of motorhomers, caravanners, boaters and professional users rely on EZA to give them dependable 12V - and 230V when used with an inverter - power.

EZA systems incorporate battery to battery (DC-DC) chargers which means that they can be used in any vehicle, including those with "smart alternators". Also built in is a 400W solar regulator which ensures that, if a solar panel is fitted, it will charge the EZA correctly.

For more information, click on the links below or watch the video to find out what one of our first customers thinks of his EZA lithium power-pack. And, here's an interesting post from the blog of Chris and Anne Tossell who spend a lot of time travelling wide and far in their RS motorhome.

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