E-Trailer Levelling Module (E-Level)



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SMART-Trailer's E-Level makes it simple to level your caravan or motorhome. Once it has been set up - just follow the instructions included - use your smart-phone to get your caravan or motorhome completely level every time, with maximum speed and minimum fuss.

  • Once it's been installed corrrectly, the E-Level will remain calibrated: even after it has been switched off for a long period of time.

NOTE: You must have the Base Station (E-Connect) installed before you can use this or any E-Trailer module.

Also: The E-Connect sensor is built into the Base Station and the E-Connect box only contains a QR code. When this is activated using the E-Trailer app, the E-Level sensor is automatically activated.

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Manufacturers Product code:E-LEVEL
Item in Kg:0.085
Warranty period:2 years

What's in the box

  • QR code only
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