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Everyone knows that keeping your caravan's tyres at the correct pressures is essential: for safety, comfort and economy. But it's all too easy to ignore or forget about this job as it can be a bit of a faff!

With the E-Pressure module, you can check your tyre pressures simply by swapping the standard valve-caps for the E-Pressure sensors and opening the app on your smartphone.  


• lightweight: only 9 grams
• easy to replace battery with a lifespan of 2 years
• all caravan tires in one overview on your smartphone
• save up to 10% in fuel cost
• warns if the pressure is too high or too low

Two sensors are supplied with the E-Pressure module. If you have a motorhome or if your caravan has 4 wheels, just buy two packs.

As long as the E-Trailer app is open in the background on your phone, you can be using any other app - Google maps for example - and the E-Pressure system will send an alert to the phone if the tyre pressures change. 

NOTE: You must have the Base Station (E-Connect) installed before you can use this or any E-Trailer module.

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Manufacturers Product code:E-PRESSURE
Battery Life:2 years
Battery type:CR 1632
Item in Kg:0.133
Warranty period:2 years

What's in the box

  • 2 x E-Pressure sensors
  • 2 x locking nuts
  • 1 x spanner
  • QR code

Customer Questions

Asked by Chris

There are just 2 sensors- is there an option to buy and operate 4 for twin axle caravans

Answered by Andrew Harris at RoadPro on May 28th, 2018

Yet there is. Just buy 2 E-Pressure boxes and scan both QR-codes. Then, automatically, 4 wheels will appear in the app.

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