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The NDS Energy Meter is designed to work with LiFePO4 lithium leisure batteries. It monitors the battery and displays the following information on the touch-screen display.

  • Battery's state of charge - S.o.C.
  • Voltage
  • Current / Amps in & out

The Energy Meter can be used with one or more LiFePo4 Lithium leisure batteries (connected in parallel) with a combined capacity of up to 600Ah and with input/output current of up to 150 Amps

When installing the device in an existing set-up, we recommend cutting the postive cable that's attached to the positive pole of the leisure battery - after disconnecting it - approx 10" / 25cm from the battery. Attach M8 ring terminals to the cable and connect them to the terminals on the Energy Meter's black box, as explained in the manual.

* Note - Due to changes made by the manufacturer NDS, this unit is only for use with Lithium LiFePo4 batteries.   

More Information


Manufacturer's product code:EM12-150
Nominal Voltage:12V
Battery type:LiFePO4 lithium batteries Only
Terminal type:M8
Monitor / Display:LCD colour touch-screen
Warranty period - covers defects in design and manufacture:2
Item in Kg:0.560

What's in the box

  • 1 x main module, 1 x wireless display
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