NDS L-100B 100Ah Lithium Leisure Battery - Low Case



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This 3Lion 100Ah lithium battery from NDS is one of the few lithium batteries that come in a case just 190mm high. This means that it will fit under the front seats of many motorhomes and campervans, avoiding the need to take up precious space somewhere else in the vehicle.

It's not only space that these batteries can save on, being about 60% of the weight of a standard lead-acid battery. It has a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) which is fundamental to the management of the cells and, as long it's installed correctly, needs no maintenance at all. This battery is made using high-quality components and, with average use, it can last for thousands of charge/discharge cycles: that's up to 20 years or even more. We have been selling 3Lion batteries since 2017 and have not heard of a single failure.

Up to four L100-B batteries can be connected in series, meaning that, in many motorhomes, it's possible to install 400Ah of battery capacity (that's approximately the equivalent of eight lead-acid leisure batteries) under the front seats - as you can see in the photos.


Manufacturer's product code:L-100B
Nominal Voltage:12V
Ah capacity:100
Multiple Parallel Battery Connection:Up to 4
Battery case construction:ABS plastic
Battery type:LiFePO4
Dimensions (L x W x H) - mm:337 X 175 x 190
Terminal type:M8 bolts
Max charging current - Amps:100
Max charging current - Volts:14.4
Max continuous discharging current - Amps:100
Max short period discharging current - Amps:140 (30 mins)
Operating temperatures charging / discharging:0 Degrees C - 45 Degrees C / -20 Degrees C - 60 Degrees C
Over / under voltage protection:Charging stops at >14.6V . Discharging stops at <10V.
Over current protection:Yes
Short circuit protection:Yes
Self-discharge rate:<3% per month
Expected Cycle Life @ 50% Depth of Discharge:5,000
Expected Cycle Life @ 80% Depth of Discharge:>2,500
Warranty period - covers defects in design and manufacture:2 Years - see warranty information sheet
Item in Kg:15.0 Kg

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