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Dekapur 2K-90 is a (very) fast curing, easy to use, structural 2-component polyurethane adhesive, ideal for structural repairs and bonding plastic parts. It cures by a chemical reaction of the two components (mixing ratio 1:1), forming a durable polymer resistant to elevated temperatures, moisture, fuel, many solvents and chemicals. Dekapur 2K-90 is specifically designed for small, quick and durable repair jobs.


  • Repair of broken plastic parts, such as bumpers, spoilers, lights, front grills, surf boards, etc.
  • Filling of holes and gaps, also on e.g. metal, wood, stone and glass.
  • General bonding applications where a fast curing is required.


  • Easy and cost effective repair.
  • One product for almost all plastics.
  • Very good sag resistance (thixotropy), allowing vertical application.
  • Flexible.
  • Missing parts can be rebuild.
  • Very fast curing.
  • Different working times available.
  • Quick sanding times and short clamping times.
  • Contains no VOC’s so no shrinking.

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Nett weight - kg:0.09
Note:50ml double cartridge requires special gun to use

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