About the Products We Sell

RoadPro has been in business since 1981 when we started supplying accessories and equipment to truck drivers. CB radios were a big seller then and we quickly learned that there were a lot of differences between the cheap models and the more expensive ones – not just the price!

The cheap radios looked OK and worked fine when we tested them in the shop but, when installed in a lorry cab and getting red hot from all that “10-4 Good Buddy” stuff, it turned out that they just weren’t quite as good as the name brand units.

  • They didn’t perform as well and had a shorter range
  • The sound quality wasn’t as good
  • The build quality was inferior
  • And, worst of all, they used to go wrong

When you’ve got a shop full of truck enthusiasts, the last thing you want is an irate lorry driver charging in and demanding that you fix his CB radio. That’s when we decided to be a bit more discerning about the products we sold and we’ve kept to that policy ever since.

Most of the products that RoadPro sells are made by manufacturers who are recognised leaders in their field. We know that they’re made with the emphasis on quality and reliability. Take a look at the list of brands in our range and you’ll see what we mean.

Of course, when you choose products on this basis, it means that you may not have the lowest prices. But, even though an angry caravanner might not be as scary as an angry trucker, we believe that, if we stick to our guns, we’re more likely to have happy customers than angry ones. And that’s how we like it. Our customers seem to as well.

“Only the best for your motorhome, caravan or boat”