WiFi in your vehicle

If you want 'built-in WiFi' in your motorhome or caravan, then look no further. RoadPro works with Motorhome WiFi* to bring you a range of products to suit your requirements. Whether you're in the UK or abroad, having WiFi on board enables you to do more: it's just like being at home!

  • Keep in touch with friends and relatives via WhatsApp
  • Send and receive emails wherever you are
  • Stream BBC iPlayer, Netflix, etc
  • Book campsites and find interesting places to stay
  • Even work from home (in your motorhome/caravan!)

Mobile Broadband can be used both whilst you are stationary and out on the road. Using a roof-top aerial to connect to the 3/4/5G networks with up to 5x the efficiency of a mobile phone, you can expect a reliable connection almost everywhere, including in areas you might otherwise expect to get no service. 

All the routers we supply come with a SMARTY SIM card. The card needs to have a data pack added and it's simple to do this by going to the SMARTY website. Alternatively, you can use any SIM card of your choice.

*NOTE: RoadPro has been working with Motorhome WiFi since 2015 and we sell only their products. We've looked at other suppliers of similar products but we are confident that Motorhome WiFi not only has the best WiFi equipment for motorhomes and caravans, they also understand it better than anyone else. 

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