Votronic Battery-to-Battery Chargers

Votronic battery-to-battery chargers provide optimum charging of a vehicle's leisure battery when driving. Using similar charging profiles to mains powered chargers, A Votronic B2B unit not only charges the leisure battery but also helps to keep the battery in peak condition so that it works better and lasts longer.

There are two versions: 

  • VCC models take power from the vehicle's alternator. They are available with outputs from 20 Amps to 90 Amps and for 12V & 24V electrical systems. There's a special model - C85060A - for use with caravans and other towed vehicles.
  • Triple models come in two versions, VBCS & VAC.

VBCS models incorporate a battery-to-battery charger, a solar regulator and a 240V charger. They are ideal for use on motorhomes and campervans. 

VAC models don't have a solar regulator but, instead, an intelligent charger for rapid charging of the starter battery. The charger also trickle charges the starter battery during periods when the vehicle is not being used. VAC chargers are mainly used in vehicles where the starter battery is also used to power consumers such as sirens, blue lights, entertainment, etc.      

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