Roadpro satellite systems

From time to time, the Satellite operators update the transmissions from their satellites networks (this can sometimes happen several times in quick succession) with no prior notice. Whilst this can be frustrating when this happens, we try to sort out these issues as quick as possible. If your system will not lock on this can sometimes be caused by these changes.

You can update the below RoadPro satellite systems via the built in USB slot at the front of the box (post 2017), Firstly identify exactly which model you have by switching on the controller and checking the LED display. Turn the controller on and keep an eye on the display. A screen indicating the model number will flash up take note of this number (Using a phone to take a video will normaly help).  

The options for the system are below

Model Number         ROADPRO PRODUCT

DP250P                     D3202            RoadPro 40cm Sat-Dome: Static Single LNB

DP250PM                  D3206            RoadPro 40cm Sat-Dome: Static Twin LNB

DP250PS                  D3210            RoadPro 40cm Sat-Dome: Static Single LNB with A/S

DP250PMS               D3212            RoadPro 40cm Sat-Dome: Static Twin LNB with A/s

AP240P                     D3247            Roadpro Compact Folding system

Please note the software for both 30cm and 40cm dome systems is the same

Once you have confirmed which system you have please email us on, or   

When we have this information we will email you the App.file for your system to you

To get the file from the email, drag the attached file to your desk top, we usually send 2 versions of the file one is a zipped version and the other is the App.file. some browsers will block the standard App.file on the email. 

You need to put the the App.file onto the USB stick. so if you only have the Zipped file you will need to extract the App.file from this and load this onto a USB device (4gb - 8gb USB sticks seem to be the most reliable). 

Make sure the controller is turned off before trying to do the update as it will not initiate the update if it is on.

Insert the USB into your controller, then turn it on

The controller should briefly flash up the following message *USB Detected* and *Updating* then *Completed*

Once this has come up the unit will go into an Auto Search for the satellite, the system can take up to 10 minutes to lock on the first time after the update.

At this point you can now remove the USB device from the controller.

If the following messages come up * USB NOT DETECTED * or * NO FILE FOUND * ensure the USB stick has no other files on it, try a different USB Stick or try reloading the file to the USB.