Roadpro satellite systems

From time to time, the Satellite operators update the transmissions from their satellites networks (this can sometimes happen several times in quick succession) with no prior notice. Whilst this can be frustrating when this happens, we try to sort out these issues as quick as possible. If your system will not lock on this can sometimes be caused by these changes.

You can update a RoadPro system with a USB slot at the front (post 2017) by downloading the relevant software update from our website. Firstly identify exactly which model you have by switching on the controller and checking the LED display:


DP250P                     D3202            RoadPro 40cm Sat-Dome: Static Single LNB

DP250PM                  D3206            RoadPro 40cm Sat-Dome: Static Twin LNB

DP250PS                  D3210            RoadPro 40cm Sat-Dome: Static Single LNB with A/S

DP250PMS               D3212            RoadPro 40cm Sat-Dome: Static Twin LNB with A/S

Then click on the relevant product above (30cm and 40cm systems essentially use the same software so if your controller indicates that your system is DP230... you can stil use the same download as available for the 40cm)

We try to upload the new software as quickly as possible but there can sometimes be a delay, especially if there have been several different updates in quick succession

Once you have downloaded the correct file (this is very important as loading the wrong file will stop the system from working and make it harder to work out what system you have) on to a USB stick, simply insert the USB stick in to the controller (ensure the controller is turned off first) the update is automatic.

Please note if this has been done correctly the controller should briefly flash up the following message * USB Detected * and * Updating*

If the following messages come up * USB NOT DETECTED * or * NO FILE FOUND * ensure the USB stick has no other files on it, try a different USB Stick or try reloading the file to the USB.

Once updated the system can take up to 10 minutes to lock on the first time after you update the system  

If the update for your system is not listed or you are still struggling with the download, then please email us at