If your business involves motorhomes, caravans, boats or specialist vehicles, we'd love to hear from you. 

We work with many manufacturers, dealers and installers throughout the UK and beyond, supplying everything from rear-view cameras and TVs to satellite systems, solar panels, lithium batteries and 12V levelling systems. Take a look at our range of products and, if you see anything that you or your customers might be interested in, click here, complete the form, tick the box requesting trade terms and complete that form. We'll do the rest.

RoadPro is the specialist distributor in the UK for the following manufacturers:

  • Camos: One of the leading vehicle camera manufacturers in Korea, Camos supply their rear-view camera systems to many motorhome manufacturers including Hymer, 
  • CTEK:
  • NDS:
  • Pro Car:
  • Votronic:
  • Wiworld: