When you need to use a 230V appliance but you only have 12V or 24V available in your vehicle or boat, you need an inverter. More than with most of our products, choosing the right one is critical: get it wrong and, at best, your 230V appliance won't work; at worst, it may be seriously damaged or even catch fire!

We stock 3 kinds of inverter and, whatever the mains appliance you want to run, we’ve almost certainly got something suitable in the range. Modified sine wave models are cheapest and, for many applications, will be just fine. For certain equipment, including coffee machines and electric toothbrushes(!), only a pure sine wave unit will do.

If you want to be certain that your electrical appliances run as smoothly and reliably in your vehicle or boat as they do at home or work, a pure sine wave inverter is a must. They’re more expensive but well worth it as they eliminate the possibility of damaging connected appliances. Remote controls are available for most models.

Then, for situations where a high quality battery charger and an inverter are required, we have Sterling Power’s “Combi” inverter / chargers - see the separate category for inverter / chargers. These are available in both pure and modified sine wave models.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size inverter do I need to run my hair dryer / coffee machine / charger / toothbrush / etc?

The size of inverter you need - as well as the type - depends entirely on how many Watts the appliance uses when in operation. Every appliance will have a label somewhere on it which will tell you the wattage. If your kettle uses 800W, you will need an inverter rated at 800W as a minimum. We recommend adding at least 20% to the appliance's rating: so, for an 800W kettle, we would suggest an inverter rated at 1,000 Watts.

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