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MEMO Van-Swing Cycle Carrier

The Van-Swing is a great way to carry bikes - pedal and electric - on campervans with opening rear-doors. The Van-Swing attaches to a towbar (essential for mounting it) and a bracket which is fixed to the van's chassis.

Any towball-mounted bike rack can then be mounted on the Van-Swing's towball. When you want to open the van's doors, simply swing the Van-Swing away. The Van-Swing is available in both left-hand and right-hand opening versions. 

Please note that the towball on the Van-Swing can NOT be used for towing!  Click here for more information.


MEMO Van-Star Cycle Carrier

MEMO's Van-Star cycle carrier mounts directly to the chassis of any Ducato/Boxer/Relay campervan from 2006 onward. It comes with rails for two bikes but can be fitted with a third. Maximum combined weight is 60 Kgs.

The Van-Star comes in three different models: original Van-Star, Van-Star Adventure and Van-Star E-Cross.

For more information, click here.


CAMOS Jewel Rear-View Camera Systems

When people first see the CAMOS Jewel rear-view camera system, they often say that it's the best rear-view camera system they've ever seen. The camera is discreet and compact and it shows two views: down to the bumper when reversing and back along the road behind you when you're in a forward gear.

Monitors are available in both dash-mounted versions - 5" and 7" as well as a 7" mirror-mounted monitor. 

All new Adria motorhomes are fitted with Camos Jewel cables, making installation of a camera and monitor quick and simple. For more information, click here.


Wiworld Mini-Dome Satellite TV System

Wiworld's Mini-Dome is the easest to use automatic satellite TV system available. Simply connect it to a TV with a built-in satellite tuner or a stand-alone satellite receiver and turn on the TV or the receiver. That's it! It's also the lowest and most compact sat-dome you can buy and, best of all, it never needs updating - ever. 

The Mini-Dome will pick up British TV channels all over the UK and Ireland. For more information, click here.


RoadPro's Air-Horn for Motorhomes & Campervans

With more and more maniacs on the road, it's good to know that you can make yourself heard if you need to. Unfortunately, the horns that come as standard on motorhomes give out little more than a pathetic beep - not enough to make your presence known in a tricky situation. Trucks have proper horns and, with one of our 12V compressor-powered air horns, your motorhome can sound like it means business too.   For more information, click here.


SMART-Trailer's Smartphone Caravan Control System

Fitted as standard in many Hymer motorhomes and caravans, SMART-Trailer can also be used by anyone with any kind of motorhome, campervan or caravan. Install the app on your smartphone and then add the different components as and when you want to.

Options include sensors to check tyre pressure, battery condition, water level, gas level, temperature and even whether you've left a window open before setting off. And, of course, there's SMART-Trailer's level sensor which helps you to ensure that your motorhome or caravan is always on the level.  For more information, click here.


MaxxFan Deluxe - A Great Motorhome Ventilation System

People who've got them love their MaxxFans. Like Hazel for example who tells us why it's the best thing she's ever bought for the motorhome and why she just wouldn't be without it.

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