We've been supplying 12V and 24V televisions for 30 years now and they've changed a lot. For a start, they all show pictures in colour! 

Some other things that have changed are the sizes of TVs - both cabinet and screen sizes - the amount of features and the quality of both the pictures and sound. These improvements are all seen in models shown here with screen sizes from 18" - 32". For all the features built in, take a look at the specifications for each TV.

Avtex televisions are simple to use and very reliable. But they're also very sophisticated with easy-tune feature, built-in DVD players (not all models), satellite and Freeview tuners and much more. Look below each TV for a full list of specifications.



Avtex 249DSFVP 24" Freeview Play Connected TV

Avtex 249DSFVP 24" Freeview Play Connected TV


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