A lot of people write to us to tell us about their experiences with RoadPro and with our products. We’re always interested and usually(!) delighted to hear from them and we’d love to get your comments too. Just click here to tell us.

"After many years travelling around in our Hymer 544 we realised that we wanted to spend more time off grid. Allen at RoadPro took time to explain to us what we needed and they proceeded to fit a 150AH Lithium battery, Solar Panel and an easy to read energy meter. Since then we have stayed off grid more and more with the meter regularly showing 100% . Many thanks to the excellent RoadPro team from Pat & Barry. The work was completed September 27th 2022"

"I cannot thank Allen and his installer Damian enough for the first class standard of work carried out on my new Wildax Motorhome a few weeks ago. Allen and his team did an excellent job of upgrading my single Lead acid leisure battery to x2 100AH lithium batteries complete with all the necessary control and display items. I cannot fault any aspect of the works carried out and am extremely impressed that installation was achieved without a single visible wire. The upgrade was completed whilst I waited with a full explanation and demonstration of its functionality when the keys were handed back. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I upgrade to a full inverter system and with the extremely helpful advice received from Allen, no guessing who will be doing the work. A very highly recommended company to do business with and well worth the travel no matter where you reside in the UK."

"Having been recommended by a relative, I would like to thank the staff at RoadPro for the great job they did in fitting our solar panel. All members of their staff who we spoke to were very kind, courteous and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering having solar panels fitted. Thank you RoadPro"

"Well here I am at the start of a month away with my caravan. Roadpro fitted a couple of solar panels and lithium batteries for me. Many thanks Alan and all the other guys who did the work. I have been away in the meantime but only for short periods. Been away five days completely off grid and everything is working brilliantly. Running a 12 volt freezer to keep me fed, plenty of power for my induction hob and air fryer. No more rationing my use of power! Thank you so much guys. It may have been an up front price, but what a difference it has made. Paul"

"Just been up to moho 2 weeks after having the solar install. Pleased to say that, even after 2 weeks of overcast weather, both batteries sitting at 13.2v. Very pleased and thanks again to you and the team. "

"Thank you again to Roadpro for their fantastic guidance, advice and service. This is our 2nd visit and this time we had a Maxxfan fitted and a B2B. On our previous visit we had 2 lithium batteries installed. As newbies to the campervan world we knew we wanted to spend time off grid camping but did not have a clue as to what we needed and where it could go in our van, this is where Allan Jenner came into the picture, excellent advice and patience. We have an Elddis CV20, so very tight on space but Damian was able to fit the lithium batteries under the driver's seat, freeing up really useful space under the bench seat. Our Maxxfan has been expertly installed by Damian and is going to be so good when we eventually get to France and Spain in the summer. We are already planning another visit to have them fit an additional 100w solar panel on the roof. Thanks again Sheila and David P.S Andy Harris's guide to Going Off-Grid is excellent"

"I visited RoadPro on 6th September 2021 and the care of my van, while work was being carried out, was exemplary. My thanks to RoadPro for the care and fitting of the equipment; it's well worth the drive (from south London) to have the work done by you."

"Hi Allen Just wanted to say a big thank you to all at RoadPro you were all very professional and kind the camera works great it was a godsend on the journey home witch was horrible will be back in touch in the new year about our charging problems and getting lithium batteries. Regards Lawrence."

"If we need anything else we will certainly be back – superb customer service!"

"Thank you very much for your quick response and I would like to say how pleased I have been with your level of service and customer support. It is a real pleasure to deal with such a professional company."

"I had a solar panel and NDS Smart Inverter fitted to my motorhome to enable me to venture off grid. The Road Pro team provided a great service and the fitting was exemplary (neat, tidy and discreet). Future upgrades for my motor home, include a lithium battery and a new TV. Road Pro will be my 'go to' supplier and fitter."

"I have now used roadpro 3 times and each time the service has been excellent."

"My father once said to me that "it is easy for a company to give good service when everything goes well. The true test is how they react when things go wrong - because no matter how good they are that will happen from time to time". I believe that RoadPro have passed that test with flying colours and Gill and I are grateful for the way you have all stuck with us and gone the extra mile to get this sorted for us. (We have, of course, dealt with you for long enough to know that most of the time everything is just fine!)"

"In July 2017, Roadpro installed two NDS 100ah lithium batteries in our big Dethleffs/Iveco motorhome. At that time we were using the motorhome on a full time basis and although we now divide our time between our home in Hertfordshire and the motorhome, we have completed at least 1000 nights off grid so our batteries have perhaps been worked harder than most. What have we learned from comparatively long term experience of using these lithiums batteries for off grid living? 1 All batteries deteriorate with age, however after four years of fairly heavy use there is no discernible change in their capacity or performance. Factors worth considering in their longevity: Lithium batteries vary in quality and you never really know whether they’re ok until the warranty has expired when it’s too late. The NDS units have certainly proved their worth and seem likely to march on towards their claimed life expectancy. I’m beginning to feel we’ll part with the motorhome before they need replacing and the desirable lithiums should support a good resale value. Because we have two batteries we have rarely seen their state of charge drop below 50%, even lithiums prefer not to be heavily discharged. I suspect that some of the cost will be recovered in greater life expectancy and of course the extra capacity gives great peace of mind for example during a run of cloudy weather when solar input is low. Most charging has been achieved through our solar array of 300 watts, avoiding higher rates of charge which are known to reduce battery life over time When in storage our Victron controller can be switched off if necessary, so the batteries can be maintained at 80%. Any solar controller will start the day by looking at voltage and attempting to boost the batteries to the stored end of charge setting of around 14.4 volts each day unless switched off. In my view this is unnecessary and undesirable in storage as maintaining the batteries at maximum charge could reduce their life. Even a charge voltage of 13.8 volts can push lithiums close to full capacity. 2 In cold weather, the cost of gas for heating a large motorhome can easily exceed that of hook up. When connected to the mains, the NDS battery management system maintains a healthy float charge of 13.5 volts. As explained in an earlier point, the solar controller will repeat its daily programme of looking at battery voltage and attempting to boost that voltage to the end of charge figure of 14.4 volts. This is not necessary or desirable when connected to a mains charger so where possible it’s a good idea to turn the solar charger off. 3 Speaking of cold weather I have noted the 3 Link allows solar charge even when battery temperature is below zero. We all know that charging lithiums in freezing temperatures can cause damage, I assume that a low rate of solar charge is ok although to be sure I now turn my charger off in such conditions when the van is in storage. ———————————————————- 4 One of the big differences between lead acid batteries and lithiums is the way they behave with an inverter. Basically, lead acids hate larger inverters, they struggle to maintain voltage and discharge disproportionately. In contrast, our lithiums provide 1000 plus watts with ease and will do so for longer periods if needed. Because of this, inverters can be worked harder, perhaps a couple of kettles followed by the toaster. Although our Sterling unit has the correct diameter wiring I do notice the wiring can become hot - not entirely surprising when 100 plus amps are drawn for 15 plus minutes. It might be worth reviewing wiring size when installing inverters for this reason. In our case we use lower wattage appliances wherever possible, this has helped a lot and may have extended battery life. With all our use of the inverter I have never seen any indication that the batteries are stressed in any way and over the summer months the gas kettle remains in storage because the electric one is all we need. After four years the initial cost of installing two lithium batteries is beginning to look reasonable, their life expectancy is so much greater that lead acid units that the sums begin to favour the lithiums. Savings of three to five pounds per night on hook up charges plus extended use of free facilities in Europe mean we are approaching a break even point in terms of costs and there is good evidence that the lithiums will continue to provide reliable service for some years to come. Thanks Andy and the team at Roadpro for supplying a high quality installation; as they say the quality remains long after the cost is forgotten. Brian Williams"

"Over the last couple of years we’ve attended rally’s & shows and on more than one occasion have had to leave early as we’ve run out of power. In an attempt to establish a solution we watched lots of YouTube videos and came across RoadPro. Checking out their website I found some very helpful and informative guides about off-grid living and lithium batteries and felt inspired to fill in their off-grid questionnaire through which I was able to articulate my requirements. In response I was sent some suggestions and recommendations along with a very broad estimate of what it would cost me to upgrade my solar, batteries & charging methods. In addition they included options for an inverter to allow the wife to use her cherished coffee machine and induction hob when off-grid. Based on their feedback and a re-iterative two-way photograph laden dialogue with RoadPro I was able to continue my research, determine exactly what I wanted, how it could be installed (we’re a van so storage is really precious) and what it would cost. Even after being given a future installation date the proactive RoadPro dialogue continued and we were further able to both refine components, fitting instructions, fitting time estimates and costs. At the commencement of the install both Allen & Damian gave us a comprehensive appraisal of the work that would be done and even entertained a last-minute request from the Mrs for additional power sockets (for which they we’re able to source a particular bezel that they do not stock themselves!) Throughout the build we were given daily progress updates with pictures so that we knew exactly what was going on. This constant communication allowed us to give precise instructions about the install and made us feel as though we were there despite us living over hundred miles away from RoadPro’s workshop. After the install was completed Damian & Allen took us through what had been done, how it worked and assured us that we should get in touch in the unlikely event of issues. Damian’s install was superb – Where possible he managed to use dead-space that couldn’t be used for anything else (saving us valuable storage) and use existing components where suitable (saving us money). The control panels were installed in agreed positions without any visible wiring and everything fully and transparently integrated with the existing Sargent electrical components. The final bill was completely in line with the estimates we’d received throughout our correspondence. While we’ve spent a bit of money on having this work done it is small relative to the upfront cost of our campervan and we now have infinitely more options where we can stay. We have quality components that have been professionally installed and feel privileged to have had the Roadpro experience. Despite them being a four-hour round trip from our home we will be using them as our supplier and installer of motorhome & campervan components in the future.”"

"First choice for work on my campervan.Would thoroughly recommend. High standard of service.Communication and product knowledge are excellent."

"Many thanks to Allen and Damian for supplying and fitting a hydraulic bike lift , 2 leisure batteries and a new socket in our Adria motorhome. Their care and attention to detail was outstanding and very much appreciated . Highly recommended"

"Many thanks again for your dedicated work yesterday on our Satellite Dome problem, under very testing and wet conditions, but finally locating the cunningly concealed problem joint and effecting a repair - in spite of original cabling being one size too small. We can now look forward to Normal Service being restored to our TV Viewing."

"First spoke to RoadPro at the Birmingham MH show earlier this year. They gave me a price to instal a 105 flexi solar panel kit to my 2001 California Coach. Once they were able to restart work after Lockdown I got booked in for 9am with a promise of 4 hours to complete. A nice walk into town, some breakfast and a slow stroll back and it was all done. Really neat job. The solar has worked a treat, keeping both batteries topped up when off grid. Highly recommend Road Pro and will be visiting them again to get solar fitted on my new van."

"We’re loving the setup in the caravan and car (800Ah of NDS 3Lion lithium batteries) - used it all extensively over the summer and everything worked perfectly. Damien’s implementation of the 90Ah charger in the car ended up better than expected, having used it extensively now I realise the Stop/Start mechanism in the car is smart enough to know if the alternator is under load or not and does not stop when the B2B is active. The Anderson plug setup there is also spot on. Having the caravan on the drive also completely saved me during a critical work day where we had a powercut and had to use the satellite internet as local 4G became unstable. I’ve been actively measuring the power we’re using and it turns out with kids devices, equipment for work, etc etc we can easily blast through north of 200Ah in a day. On hot days with use of the AirCon, that rockets up closer to 500Ah - the system doesn’t skip a beat. The Aircon alternates between drawing 30A and 60A and at that level, the inverter doesn’t even get warm. We’re looking to do more off-grid, longer trips and to hotter locations where we’d be using the aircon most days. All while needing a good amount of power buffer so I can continue working while travelling - I get pulled into managing incidents at a moments notice and usually use a lot of power handling these. "

"Think carefully who you deal with. I seen people on Motorhome sites recommending Road Pro.. Boy were they correct Steve is a star. Didn't know me from Adam but took so much time trying to help me. If all the help he has given me works then he will have sorted out our problem remotely and not made a penny. If your help works Steve rest assured when we are on our travels I will call in with case of beer for you thanks again wether it works or not."

".......this has been my first order with yourselves and I would like to say how impressed I am with everything, ordering, prices, aftersales support, technical advice everything has been excellent. "

"Thank you for your very speedy service. It has been a while since I last had occasion to purchase this type of product but I am delighted to say that yours is one of the best companies to deal with. Very well made, high quality product and very quick service/delivery. I only placed my order late on the afternoon of 07.08.2020 and it arrived first class post on the morning of 08.08.2020. Thank you very much."

"Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service, I will be perfectly happy to deal with you again in the future as the need arises."

".....the service from RoadPro has been excellent. I wish all suppliers were so supportive and knowledgeable."

"This is the second time we have used this excellent company and they certainly did not let us down. We had a lithium battery fitted and they also sorted out a problem with an outside TV aerial connection that had proved too much for two well known companies, including the vehicle manufacturer. They are an amazing bunch of guys and the fitter Damian is second to none. Highly recommended."

"Bought our first Motorhome 2 weeks ago and had a few issues which 90% I could sort however it had a satellite system that to be honest I did not have clue how to operate. I was getting conflicting advice telling either to rip the lot out and buy a book Hahaha then others saying system needed updating one guy offering to come and do it and it would cost XXX then a couple of people on various Motorhome sites said try Road Pro. Well I'm 300 mile s from them down in Cornwall but I thought it would do no harm to see if they could help or at least point me in the right direction. What I got was much more than I expected 4 or 5 emails and Steve had talked me through everything and the whole system was working perfectly. 4 or 5 emails all of his time and professional know how for nothing. What a guy one thing is for certain I'll bet he doesn't need Horlicks to sleep. If you have a problem with Motorhome electrics you will not do better than dealing with this guy. So many sharks out there these days it is so refreshing to come across an honest to goodness Gentleman... Steve you are a star."

"Can I say how pleased with the camera and set up (Camos Jewel with 7" mirror monitor). Colour camera that shows rear view and reversing camera all in one superb. I can now see what's coming up and where I am going in reverse. Quality excellent. Highly pleased"

"Next day delivery in the middle of a pandemic! I was told your service was excellent but that is truly amazing. Everything well-packed and in good order. Thanks hugely."

"If you remember you fitted a lithium system into my Hymer 898.... the whole thing has been a resounding success! It has, as you predicted revolutionised the way we are able to use the van. The fact that the system works so flawlessly has given the peace of mind that was so long missing. "

"Thank you for your great customer service "

"We've been out in southern Spain since early Jan. We're now heading back slowly North. Not spent a penny on overnight stops or overnight hookups throughout that time (!) The Romany life is for us :-) Norway and Sweden next in the summer. The batteries have been FAAAAAB !!!! Absolutely FAAAAAB!!!! Our usage, as you know, began with Megan's hair dryer. Then we added significant use of 2 X e-scooters. Next came the kettle. Then, the toaster ... But this is just the start .... In future we will be using a Remoska and a slow cooker, and ... "

"Hi Steve, just an update on our troubles with our sat system. Had to use the bodge to Astra1 on the first night, but since then, we have been in London, SE England, Calais and now near Le Havre. At each location it has worked flawlessly. Once again thanks for your help and determination to solve our communication problems. Your resolve and professionalism is a credit to your employer. "

"Thank you for the excellent service we received from yourselves when you fitted both our Lithium battery and inverter. We can't tell you how pleased we are with the performance of the battery and the workmanship of Damian. From the first quote to the welcome from Allen who went through the job with us to the fitting of the battery and the inverter were second to none. Nothing was too much trouble for Damian. We have not had to use hook up since we had the battery fitted in early December. Everything RoadPro promised about the battery was true . Overnight using a compressor fridge, lighting , heating and television it did not fall below 90% . It charged back up to 100% in about half an hour of driving . We would not hesitate recommending Lithium batteries and using RoadPro to fit them. "

"Back in 2018 our motorhome was suffering from a very poor performing leisure battery, I was forever checking if it needed charging or dare I say connection to EHU. A call to RoadPro sales put the wheels in motion and a design and quote was sent to me, this being fully acceptable for what was to be installed. The motorhome was booked in and the installation completed. My wife and I now have no concerns what so ever to travel Europe, for example in September 2018 we toured France and Italy, the first week only saw one EHU being used for the night because it was available! We could stop at any Aires or France Passion and know that there would be power to spare from the two 150 AH NDS Lithium batteries, solar panel and associated equipment all neatly installed by Damian, in an area not convenient for storage. We are planning trips to Scotland and then later Europe again. I'd recommend RoadPro for this quality equipment due to their exceptional expertise in the products they use and Professional installation."

"I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate the company for your recent efforts in sorting out our sat., dish problems in particular Steve ( a mine of info) thanks for your time and effort. "

"I would like to thank Allen and Damian for providing an excellent service in fitting a 150 amp NDS battery and replacing my old inverter with a 1500w NDS Smart invertor to my Pilote A class Motorhome. My microwave was also bench tested to ensure that it would run ok with the the invertor. I asked if the battery monitor could be mounted above the habitation door next to the main control panel, thinking this would not be possible, due to the complicated wiring route. but Damian didn't bat an eyelid and managed to find a way without having to use any cable trunking. The finished job is neat and tidy has been installed with top quality cables and fittings. Once again many thanks for a top class job. "

"I would like to thank RoadPro for their excellent work on our caravan. We are amazed at the difference already. We returned the caravan to our storage and are able to use everything with power to spare. This has never been possible before. Also the complete joy of being able to touch a switch to use the inverter for mains powered 230v equipment without the orange cable. Unbelievable! We are delighted with the professionalism, efficiency and friendliness of the team at RoadPro. We can highly recommend them to anyone requiring similar work on their Caravan or Motorhome."

"Just wanted to say thank you for your honest and efficient service we received yesterday when you fixed our satellite dish, it is all now working perfectly."

" I would like to thank you and Damian for your excellent service and help a couple of weeks ago, when you replaced my solar panel and completed the additional electrical works. I would most certainly recommend Road Pro should I be asked."

"Just a note of appreciation for the solar panel and kit installed last Monday. First 5 days away be it quite warm and sunny, the battery was fully charged each day by the time we got up. Brilliant. Many thanks to all at Road Pro. Harry your first time installer did a great job, very neat and tidy, and quick. "

"Very satisfied with the products and service. The Sat Dome even found a good signal for UK tv in Amsterdam and just about everywhere we have visited in the UK. Just switch it on and it does its stuff very quickly. The Alugas LPG system is great and I had an external filler fitted to the gas compartment door. The solar panel keeps both batteries topped up when the van is in storage, but not used on our travels, as yet, without hook up. "

"Always entirely satisfied with staff at your Daventry site "

"Dear Mr Jenner, In these days when, sadly, one becomes inured to second-rate service from corporations large and small, I would like to put on record my appreciation of your prompt and efficient solution to my problem. Returning the control box within 36 hours is above and beyond the call of duty and I am greatly impressed and thankful. Well done! Yours sincerely, Rt Hon Sir Robert Atkins"

"Good Company to deal with "

"I trusted Roadpro to do an excellent job- I wasn’t disappointed! "

"Great service"

"excellent and speedy initial advice by email and quality of product "

"Very pleased with the service"

"I have had my lithium batteries fitted 6 weeks ago and have had time to give them a significant test. I was booked in at RoadPro for fitting in March, after speaking to them I was told I could arrive the night before and stay over on their car park including EHU. Next morning I drove the van inside, I was shown and told exactly what would be fitted and asked if I needed anything else. It was to be 2 100 amp NDS Lion batteries which includes a battery monitor colour display, Along with those we needed a mains charger to replace the vans original one, which wouldn’t charge lithium’s properly, so a NDS Power charger Pro was fitted. Then we had a Votronic 1715 Solar regulator fitted to deal with the 200 watt of solar we have on board, and lastly I wanted a Votronic 1250 LCD Solar Computer to monitor what my solar panels were doing. I was loaned a courtesy car for the day and off I went to do some sight seeing for the day. The van was left in a state that I could stay in it overnight again, so the job could be finished the following day. The courtesy car was available for me again until the I got the phone call telling me it was ready. I was shown around the installation and the display monitors, and it was a very neat job with no concerns. The staff were very knowledgeable and friendly and I couldn’t have been more happy. The NDS battery monitor shows both batteries at 100% all the time whilst parked up at home with no EHU. The van battery is also fully charged by the system also. We spent 5 days at Jasmin camping and with the heating, lights, and TV on each night the lowest battery state I saw was 90%, with each morning sunshine I saw up to 8 amps being put back in resulting in 100% charge by midday. Another 5 nights covering May bank holiday saw lots of cloudy conditions, and by the end of the 4th day still using the same amount of power, I saw the battery state down to 79%. On the 5th day lots of sunshine from early morning saw the batteries back to 100% by 4pm. So 4 days in cloudy conditions saw a 20% fall, these batteries can go down to 5% and still deliver 13.2 volts, so I could possibly do 12 days off grid without any sunshine. I haven’t tested the charging capability from the engine yet but 80% charge in 15 minutes* is what I’m being told, so a quick charge if it needs it is available. If I have half a day of sunshine it will put 10% back in, 20% if the sun shines all day. So far I am very happy with the investment of £3500, yes I know you will be saying I could have had 10 batteries fitted for that, but I am not expecting to have to plug in again, and along with the inverter I should be completely independent in every situation. Thanks to the guys down at RoadPro for an excellent job. *Bit of a misunderstanding here Graham. Expect the engine to charge the batteries at up to 50 Amps, depending on various factors. RoadPro. **"

"Thanks a million for your super service. "

"Hello gents. I just want to thank you for the recent installation you carried out on my VW Sandhurst Motorhome. The solar panel is working brilliantly and the Gaslow tanks are filled and also working well. Thanks for the professional and high-quality finish on both jobs. Please can you call me regarding fitting a dual reversing camera? Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you."

"Following on from the installation of 2x 100W aero solar panels at your old premises, i have to say its been an absolute joy not to have to plug in EHU upon every return from adventures off grid. Discovering i have plenty of spare electrical capacity on tap through my trips away has been a total game change, allowing me to focus on the important stuff i.e. fun malarky and forget about power consumption. You did a cracking job and the kits first rate, cheers RoadPro."

"RoadPro asked me “How did we do?” In a word brilliantly! I cannot fault the work that was done and the quality of the work and the care by which it was done. But I've come to expect that of RoadpPro as this is not the first time I've had work done. My first van was a Tribute T720 Ford transit based motorhome had a CTEK battery to battery charger rewired properly and an additional Banner Bull battery fitted with a remote monitor. It worked brilliantly allowing us to go paragliding at weekends without electrical hookup on remote sites and was even used by our daughter and fiance to go to Slovenia to a World Paragliding Accuracy Competition and stay in the motorhome. So we now have a Roller Team Pegaso 740 so without hesitation I entrusted RoadPro to fit a Sterling 60 amp battery to battery charger, a battery monitor and a battery maintainer for the vehice battery. I then had a RoadPro satellite dish fitted, followed by a Gaslow 2 bottle installation and external BBQ point. But the highlight was the CAMOS Jewel reversing camera that replaced the awful standard camera that is fitted to the van. It could just have been stuck on the back, but the fitter took time to ensure it fitted in the housing so it looks like it was factory fitted and the quality of the screen us amazing. I can't thank RoadPro enough for having done such a fantastic job. I would recommend them to anyone contemplating ways to imrove their motorhome. 5 star rating John Lawrence Bsc MPhil CChem MRSC CSci FCMI FISBL"

"We had our satellite dome, wifi and air conditioning fitted, and I must honestly say I had a most professional 5 star experience from both Katherine who organised it all to Damien who installed the equipment. I believe this is what every company should aim to acheive to customer satisfaction. Thanks again to all the team at Roadpro."

"Couldn't fault the service in any way. Bought a CTEK charger that failed almost straightaway. I sent the defective unit back and received the new one within two days and they refunded the postage without any complaints. The bonus was that it was also the cheapest price on the net by almost a tenner !! Fantastic. Cannot recommend highly enough."

"Bought a motorhome with RoadPro sat-dome/250p fitted which unfortunately wouldn't find or lock on to any satellite. After speaking with Roy discovered an upgrade was required which was posted to me promptly. Still didn't work. Several emails later and instructions from Roy finally narrowed it down to possible water ingress at dome end, replaced cable & connections, now working 100% on Astra 2. What a brilliant service from RoadPro and particularly from Roy with a comprehensive email trail of fault finding tips. Tip top customer care and after sales, well done."

"That’s unbelievable service can’t thank you enough "

"Hello Dave, Stunning reply - really impressed. I certainly didn’t expect a reply today! The fog has cleared. Cannot wait to get the quote and work done to our precious ‘TinTin’ "

"Many thanks to all your staff for fitting a Solar panel on our Chausson again great service from a customer focused company. This is the second time we have used your company and I am sure we will be back in the future. "

"We look forward to using RoadPro’s excellent service again in the future."

"I would like to thank you for the help you gave me when I was daft enough to wipe the channels from my satellite system. I managed ,with the info. you gave me, to sort it out. It is very nice to deal with a helpful company these days"

"(Karen posted this comment on Facebook.) ...... I can highly recommend Roadpro. They are brilliant. Really helpful and did a great job for us! We wouldn’t go anywhere else they are true specialists in the motorhome field and will give you an honest opinion on whether a job is worth doing rather than just sell you something "

"Thanks very much for great advice given in a prompt fashion, and for great delivery service my dome arrived next day , it is now fitted and working , great product."

"Fantastic service highly recommend RoadPro trying to leave a comment on your website cannot recommend enough"

"I bought a motorhome recently with an old Kathrein manual satellite which was very tricky to set up and then stopped working all together. I ordered a Roadpro Mini Dome yesterday to replace it and it arrived this morning. One hour later it was fitted and I turned on my Cello television set it to satellite, did a manual tune and 15 minutes later I had all the freesat channels including the HD channels. This system is great and so easy to set up, thanks Roadpro."

"Thank you so much for your amazing service."

"Wow, that’s great service, thought the email was going to say it was on back order! Nice to be proved wrong, and refreshing that there is still a great customer experience to be found. Thanks very much for your help, I have called and place the order."

"I purchased a second hand motorhome 2 weeks ago that came with sat dome, controller and sky box all of which came from RoadPro. this was my first experience with any of this and could not get it to work correctly, so I called your technical department, and was helped to get it all working as it should. what great customer service, some others in the motorhome industry should take a look at you and try to copy it, as guess where I will be coming when I need some equipment. once again thank you very much and please pass on my thanks to your 5 star team."

"Thanks for your help in fixing the problem. Great service."

"I just want to say thank you very much for the brilliant job you did for me. The extra solar panel, new regulator and new batteries did the job, no worries about power any more, in fact I had my Waeco portable freezer on 24 hours a day for 2 weeks at minus 18 deg and not a problem. Once again thank you very much. PS you could do with a warmer waiting room. Ha Ha!. "

"Dave, Many thanks for your email & voicemail messages. As always, Roadpro help is excellent! We had some problems in France a few years ago & Andy was very helpful then too. We have tv channels back which is great as we head for France next Tuesday. Thanks again for getting back to me. We continue to recommend Roadpro to fellow motorhomers. "

"Good day to you all! Just wanted to express my delight and total satisfaction with the way Olly (returns dept) handled the fixing of a charger I had returned for investigation! Having established a programme error I was offered,under existing guarantee, an immediate replacement that arrived today,within 24 hours of our telephone converation! Well done Roadpro! superb customer support generating enormous peace of mind and consolidating the reason I purchased from you in the first place!"

"Dave, and the Boss, Just a short note to let you know how the (Sterling) battery charging units are performing. Have been up in Stratford upon Avon for two weeks. After the little problems which were down to me? I must say how impressed I am, pricey yes,value for money not sure. The batteries do last longer with the new charger, but the main benefit is the wild side, nice to get home and the battery is fully charged , a first for me. A lot of money but I think it is justified on all counts. Lastly thanks to you all at Road Pro, for the way Damion installed the units and his instructions after wards,to you David for your help before and during my stay at Daventry . A really professional company to deal with."

"May I congratulate the staff and particularly Ollie on your knowledge and service, recently had a problem with a roadpro compact sat dish, Ollie had a look at it at the Peterborough MH show suggested the answer to the problem and sent the parts. I have now fitted them problem solved, thank you, great service."

"After meeting the Roadpro team at the N.E.C. in February they offered an upgrade to our Camos satellite system. Olly arranged for the work to be completed at their premises, the appointment was made and the work carried out. Totally impressed by the company and a huge thanks to Olly. Very highly recommended. "

"Dear Roy, I just wanted to drop you a line of thanks. My father was at your offices today having his dome updated (still on his motorhome) and mine done as well (removed from motorhome). The customer service I have received from our initial telephone conversation through to booking in and completion of update has been prefect, and I wanted to let you know it is appreciated. Thanks too to your colleague Olly, who my father said was polite, knowledgeable and efficient in actually doing the updates. Nice to see a company where the team works well together and still manages to exceed customer service expectations! Marco"

"Great place to get work carried out. Safe overnight parking with electric hook up FOC. Free tea and coffee in the waiting area with a TV to watch. Easy walking in to the town centre. But beware there are no dog friendly cafes or pubs in the town. But RoadPro is dog friendly. RoadPro ticked all my boxes. Thanks guys."

"A big thank you to all the Team at RoadPro for your hospitality on the freezing day that was March 2nd.Special thanks to Damian for the very neat installation of the Superflex Solar panel,din socket and Led DRL's. From the first Email contact to installation,the service from RoadPro was first class.As expected the Superflex panels have kept our batteries topped up even during the low light of recent weeks. Thanks again for an excellent service, "

"hi I just have to say what a truly amazing service you have. Id tried everywhere for a fix on my satalite receiver no help at all. phoned roadpro after reading feedback helpful from the start promised to get Ollie technition to ring me back he did. told me to post receiver to him all done and returned in 48 hours system updated restored and even set channels out for me and sent clearer instructions. thank so much couldn't of found a better company thanks thanks thanks"

"Thank you for your prompt and excellent service"

"Just a note to say many thanks to you and, particularly, Damian for doing such a great job fitting our solar panel, inverter and other bits - we’re really pleased with the quality of workmanship and with the way that Damian was very helpful in suggesting alternatives when it was obvious that the equipment we’d originally specified wasn’t going to fit into the only suitable location! Great job and we shall recommend and use you in future. Enjoy the show next week and hope to see you there. "

"Hello and thank you again for the very impressive service Roadpro have rightly becoming famous for, in your completion of the update on my Camos 40 satellite dome. Keep up the very good work.."

"Hi Guys, Just received my Soplair windscreen cover. Just to let you know that I’m over the moon with it. Thank you for your quick and efficient service, having dealt with RoadPro over years, this is what I expected and wasn’t disappointed. I look forward to buying from you again. Thank you once again "

"Thank you once again for the helpful and courteous way in which you offered advice and answered our questions when we came to see you. We now have a much better understanding of the facilities we would like to have and we know where to contact you when the time comes."

"The way you dealt with my problem last week was exemplary. You prioritised the repair work and there was no judgement about my hapless attempts to deal with matters myself; that kind of approach can only lead to a good reputation..."

"Very many thanks for your email - really appreciate the follow-up, great customer service."

"Excellent quality and competency with installation; very clean, tidy and respectful of our property. Damian even corrected some dubious wiring carried out by our selling dealer!"

"Thanks for the email and the excellent help and advice I received on my visit. I look forward to coming over for the fitting (of a twin LNB RoadPro sat-dome)."

"Can we just say that we are more than pleased with all the work completed so far to our van (Hymer B668) and would not hesitate to have further items. We would definitely recommend you to friends and others. Please thank Damien on our behalf as we feel he went above the call of duty in helping us with late additions we threw at him. "

"Thank you VERY much for your wonderful service. I asked for a speedy dispatch and that is exactly what you have done. We are very grateful"

"Excellent service sorting out my satellite system. Thank you all, especially Olly for his help both on the phone and in person. Appreciated the overnight parking and hook-up."

"Very many thanks for your prompt, expert and detailed response."

"Just to say what a great job you did fitting the solar panel to my Auto Trail today. The NDS solar panel looks so much neater and streamlined than those fitted by others. Not only did you beat the price quoted by everyone else, you were happy to link the solar panel to the Auto Trail's Sargent control panel, which other (very well known) installers were reluctant to do. I will be sure to talk to you for any future work!"

"Thank you and the team, especially Damian, for your work; we are very pleased with the way it was done and how the motorhome was left on completion. Everything seems to be working well and we enjoyed our stay at a local Camping & Caravanning Club CS (Cherry Tree Farm, Woodford Halse) on the Friday and Saturday. We would certainly recommend this site if any of your customers want a peaceful stop-over. Sadly, the small tv we use in the bedroom started to play up on Saturday and its a shame we didn’t know about this on Friday! We bought this from you 9 years ago as an ex-demo; things don’t last 5 minutes these days. "

"Hi Allen, thanks for your prompt service, satellite dome arrived less than 24 hrs from ordering, is fitted and looking good. Brilliant service. "

"Thank you and the team, especially Damian, for your work; we are very pleased with the way it was done and how the motorhome was left on completion. Everything seems to be working well and we enjoyed our stay at a local Camping & Caravanning Club CS (Cherry Tree Farm, Woodford Halse) on the Friday and Saturday. We would certainly recommend this site if any of your customers want a peaceful stop-over. "

"Thank you for your excellent service and fast delivery, received lunch time. Now fitted. A big thank you Muriel"

"Thanks. All sorted.. and GREAT customer service. Really appreciate "

"Hi Allen, thanks for your prompt service, satellite dome arrived less than 24 hrs from ordering, is fitted and looking good. Brilliant service. "

"I would like to thank you very very much for your invaluable help....good luck to you in the future."

"Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service once again"

"Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service once again, your update for the satellite controller is working perfectly. "

"Brilliant service. Well done everyone."

"Hi Dave, Just a quick note to thank you and your team for looking after us when we came to have our bike rack and Wifi fitted. Good quality rack and nice tidy fit . Thanks go to the fitter (sorry forgot his name). ((It's Damian Garry!)) In all a very professional job all round. Highly recommend your company and all the staff."

"Awesome service mate! It's just a shame the Aussie suppliers aren't up to your standard. My solar panel's now cranking thru the Ctek in 35degC+ days and the tinnies are still icy cold in the fridge. If you ever find yourself in Perth I'll shout you beer. "

"I wish to thank your staff and especially Ollie for the very prompt and professional assistance, on the phone and in person. Nothing was too much trouble and my satellite problems were sorted very quickly and efficiently, even if I was asking a lot of questions. I would not hesitate to highly recommend RoadPro. Thank you "

"Hi, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service I received from your company. The window screen cover (J6603A) fits perfectly. Hope to deal with you again."

"Hello again Dave, thanks for your positive ideas in your last email. I would like to record how much I have valued your honest, sound and sensible advice in our last couple of emails and to say that I have come to have a high regard for you and for Roadpro as a company."

"Your customer service is excellent and a lot of companies could learn from it. "

"Hello! I spent many years in the IT network support industry and know firsthand how it feels to get thanks instead of complaints. So I would just like to give you some feedback on our experience with your company. We have recently bought a Motorhome and although are very happy with it we did miss the availability of Internet access when out and about. we came to Roadpro because we had previously bought a portable TV aerial from you for our boat We visited your offices and after an excellent demo decided upon the Crystop dish for both Internet and TV. The installation was done quickly and efficiently and we were given a comprehensive handover which left us confident with installing and using our own Sky dish. Our first trip, out was a great success with everything working just great. We are now on our second trip out having decided to leave our SKY box at home this time. I tried to get TV using the Satellite TV option but could not get anything despite the fact that we were able to get get Internet access . I left a message on your technical helpline, but decided to write to Olly who had dealt with us originally. he wrote back promptly and was able to give me the information to get the TV working using the Satellite option. So I am really writing to you to say how pleased I am with the customer service and support offered by your team in Daventry. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any of our motorhome friends. "

"Your customer service is excellent and a lot of companies could learn from it. "

"Dear RoadPro, many thanks for your excellent work and advice recently with regard to my Mecatronic Satellite system in my Autotrail EKS Motorcaravan . Having received great technical advise on the phone with both Ollie and Dave I arranged a visit to Daventry. Within an hour my Sat/tv system was up and running as good as it had been for the the past four years. "

"Good morning Olly, Roger and I would like to say how pleased we are with the Crystop (Internet) dish and the installation. Also for the excellent handover from yourself and Damian (whose knowledge was impressive)."

"Just would like to thank you for the excellent job recently done to fit a chassis bike rack to my motorhome. All the work has been done to a very high standard and I am completely delighted with the finished installation. "

"Many thanks to all at RoadPro for the efficient way we were dealt with earlier today. On our drive to Suffolk the leisure battery, with solar boost, attained 12.7 V, which it has never attained before! The tea and biscuits were also much appreciated by us both. Thanks once again,"

"I want to take this opportunity to thank both yourself and Oliver, for the professional way in which I was dealt with . You may recall that I saw you at the show concerning the satellite dish. You both identified the problem ie Auto Skew fault. As requested by you I attended your factory on the Monday, before I could tell anyone that we were there ,out came Oliver, and within 30 minutes he fitted upgrades and had completed the work. The reception is now excellent. Please pass on my compliments to Oliver.Well done to RoadPro."

"May I say your service to customers is outstanding "

"Wow I am blown over by your professionalism........ If only more companies had people like you on their team. I would definitely recommend RoadPro to people needing work doing on their motorhomes as Mr Short and his team were also very efficient and professional, you make a very good organisation."

"Hello Allen, we would like to thank you and you team for a great Customer Service. A big thank you also to Olly for getting our RoadPro Satellite Dome working again this morning, his time and effort was very much appreciated. We will be sure to tell everyone how good the service has been from RoadPro. "

"Just wanted to congratulate you on magnificent service. I ordered a Banner battery yesterday, quite late in the afternoon, and lo and behold it arrived this lunchtime, less than 24 hours later. Brilliant! Thanks."

"Thanks to your company's fantastic service, and your obviously great relationship with DPD, my new dome was ordered, delivered, and fitted within 24hrs, and l defy anybody to better that. Very impressed. "

"Dear Roy, many thanks for my new sat-dome, unbelievable service, didn't expect a parcel man knocking on my door with a new sat-dome within a couple of days! "

"Just wanted to say a very big thank you for the excellent customer services"

"Your service and assistance is a credit to you and your company and I will for sure be telling everyone how good the service has been from RoadPro"

"Hi Allen - the second Green Power battery I ordered on Monday arrived on Tuesday. Just to say thanks for the terminal posts and the excellent service."

"Hi Olly, many thanks for your time and will consider where to go from here. PS: your company's service is second to none."

"I recently bought a C5612 solar power kit for a friend. I'm writing to say how much I appreciated the support you provided during the process of making a choice, and how pleased my friend is with the kit. He installed it himself and said it was very easy. I will have no hesitation in recommending RoadPro to others. "

"Hi Allen, Many thanks for all the assistance received from Olly and yourself, been most impressed and I will definitely not hesitate to recommend RoadPro."

"Thanks for the excellent service "

"Hi, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for replacing my faulty (unit) so promptly and without any fuss. Be sure it is much appreciated and your service is excellent. Regards Shayne Butcher "

"Hi. I would like to thank your company for breathing new life into my VDO satellite dome. The help l got from Ollie was first class and without his help and expertise I feel sure I was about to throw it in the bin. After exhausting many other avenues I now have my dome working again hopefully for a few years more. Please thank Olly from me for all his efforts they are much appreciated. Kind regards Keith Owen. "

"Good afternoon, A 10 minute turnaround for a query like that was simply astonishing and thanks very much. My Panasonic home TV must autoscan for freesat channels as I've never scanned for them, so assumed that other TV's were the same. Did a scan and now, although nowhere near the same as at home I now have many more channels than before. Sincere thanks for the prompt reply and accurate help Best regards David "

"Good Morning Guys, Many thanks for all your help installing our Internet Satellite System and your hospitality throughout our stay. All seems to be going well so far. Please thanks Damien for us – we were really impressed with his helpful attitude and technical knowledge. We may be back with more questions but if not we certainly know where to come for any future motor home installations. Kind Regards Fiona and Alan "

"Your service and support has been excellent and I will take any and every opportunity to promote your companies skills, service, and customer focus, if only all companies were more like RoadPro. "

"Hello to you all at Roadpro. We would like to thank all the team for making our visit to you so easy. You fitted a Kathrein unit and two solar panels to our Motorhome. We are very pleased with the result. Thank you all once again. John and Chris"

"Many thanks for the info on formatting the SD card. All is now well and working as it should. I knew there was a good reason for buying from RoadPro."

"Having needing to replace my leisure batteries, I had no hesitation in making the 150 mile round trip to RoadPro where I've found customers come first. I could have purchased them over the internet but I needed them checked out and so glad I did because Damian, one of your technicians was very helpful in explaining all the ins and outs of the charging system. (So please Andy go and give him a big pat on the back) "

"Thank you so much for getting back to me. What great customer service. Thanks again and we'll make sure we use RoadPro again. "

"Just a note to say thanks for your very professional installation of the B2B charger, I'm delighted with its performance. "

"We had a problem with our batteries and would like to thank Damion for his expert advice. He went through all the tests with us and listened to our queries. He responded to our questions with complete professionalism and in a way that we could understand without making us feel inadequate. The work was carried out efficiently and effectively and we would like to pass on our thanks and appreciation. Sue & Pete "

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