12V / 24V Living

Just because you're out on the road or the water, you don't have to do without the comforts of home. We have products that operate on 12V and 24V, most of which plug directly into a lighter socket or DIN socket. If you're not sure what a DIN socket is, you'll recognise one when you try to plug in an apliance that's fittted with a lighter-type plug and it won't go in. You can see our solution to this common problem if you click here.

We have appliances here for cleaning, cooking, heating and, of course, boiling water so that you can make a nice, relaxing cup of tea wherever you happen to find yourself.

Please bear in mind that, although all the products here all work well, an appliance running on 12V or 24V will not work usually produce the same results as one running on 230V. A 12V kettle, for example, will take up to 10 minutes or more to boil. The actual time will vary according to the power supply that's being used so the state of your battery or the length and type of the cable between the battery and the power socket can make a big difference.

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