NDS Power Service systems

NDS were one of the first manufacturers to introduce battery to battery systems for charging leisure batteries in a motorhome or boat. They've developed the range and now have three different versions of the "Power Service" chargers. You can find out about two of them in our "Battery to Battery" section but here we're looking at the "Gold" range which is much more than a simple charger. There are three models, each with a different output rating and they can be used as the main charging unit in a vehicle, with inputs from 230V mains power, a solar panel and, of course, the vehicle's starter battery as well.

The Gold Power Service units are a complete battery charging system in one box and are ideal for use in campervans, boats and motorhomes. If you're a manufacturer or a self-builder, this could be just what you need to keep your vehicle's leisure batteries charged at all times. And, of course, they've been designed to work with "smart" alternators as well as regular ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Power Service Gold doesn't seem to be working.

If your vehicle has a smart alternator, the Power Service unit will not start operating for at least one minute after the engine has been switched on. This is normal.

Which Power Service Gold model should I choose?

It all depends on the type of battery you want to charge and how you use your battery. The higher the output of the charger, the quicker the battery will be charged.  

The fuses in my charger have blown.

The 25 Amp fuses on the output side of the charger may blow when the leisure battery is deeply discharged. In this case, because the voltage of the leisure battery is very low, the voltage from the DC-DC charger can be high enough to blow the fuses.

Power Service Gold 40-M Charger

Power Service Gold 40-M Charger


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Power Service Gold 30-M Charger

Power Service Gold 30-M Charger


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£290.83 ex VAT
Power Service Gold 25-M Charger

Power Service Gold 25-M Charger


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£265.83 ex VAT
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