E-Trailer Smart Care System

E-Trailer is the award winning (Practical Caravan "Accessory of the Year" award) smartphone app for safe and comfortable journies with your caravan or motorhome. Designed in Holland, specifically for caravans and motorhomes, E-Trailer is simple to use, easy to install and makes life easier and safer both when you're travelling and when you're on site. It can be used with any caravan or motorhome, no matter what age or model.

The Base Station (E-Connect) is the heart of the system and is the communication centre for all the modules. Installation is simple, requiring just a simple connection to the leisure battery. The Base Station is also available as part of a "Starter Pack" which includes the E-Level and E-Volt modules. After installation of E-Level, getting your caravan or motorhome precisely level on site will be quicker and easier than ever before, using your smartphone as a guide. Additional modules are available which all connect to the Base Station via BLuetooth and, from there, to your phone. Modules include:

  • Tyre pressure module (E-Pressure): this enables you to keep an eye on the tyre pressures on your caravan.
  • Battery monitor module (E-Volt): monitors your caravan's leisure battery and alerts you when the voltage drops. 

  • Switch module (E-Switch): before you set off, E-Switch warns you if doors or windows have been left open. 

  • Temperature module (E-Temperature): constantly monitors the temperature in your fridge or in the caravan - depending on where you place the sensor.

  • Gas level module (E-Gaslevel): works with steel and aluminium LPG bottles and accurately gives you the current level.

  • Water level module (E-Waterlevel): can be installed in most water tanks and gives an accurate reading of the amount of water in the tank.

  • Nose weight module (E-Load): Replace your caravan's existing jockey wheel with the E-Load and never worry about whether you're within the safe weight limit again.

E-Trailer is also available in money-saving packages: a "Starter Pack", a "Comfort Pack", a "Safety Pack for Caravans" and a "Safety Pack for Motorhomes". Please see below to find out what's included in each pack.

We asked Simon Barlow from the popular caravan blog Caravan Chronicles to have a look at E-Trailer and tell us what he thought. You can find out by clicking here. 

In February, 2021 Ian Hewlett, Technical Manager of the Camping & Caravanning Club wrote an in-depth article about E-Trailer for the Club's magazine. You can read it by clicking on the PDF logo below. If you're a Club member, you can get any of the products shown here with 25% off the prices shown. Just use the discount code that you can find on the Club's website. 

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