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This Power Service Gold unit is a 3-in1 charging system, ideal for use in motorhomes and campervans. It will take care of the leisure battery by charging from the alternator (when the engine is running), from a solar panel (up to 250W) and from 240V mains as well. It can be used with any kind of lead-acid battery - Gel, AGM and flooded acid - as well as LiFePO4 lithium batteries.

Charging is done in 5 stages including desulfation (not when set for lithium), ensuring a full recharge, as well as improving the battery's general performance and extending its life.

Installation of the Power Service Gold charger is straightforward and detailed instructions are supplied.

Technical journalist Peter Rosenthal installed a Power Service Gold charger in his self-built campervan and wrote about the installation in MMM, the UK's leading motorhome magazine. You can read the article by clicking on the link below. 

Suitable for use with "smart" alternators and lithium batteries.

More Information


Manufacturer's product code:GOLD 30-M
Suitable for use with smart alternators?:Yes
Input Voltage - Volts:12
Output voltage - Volts:12
Recommended minimum output of alternator- Amps:90
Max. charging current - Amps:30
Input:Alternator, solar panel and 230v mains
Input from alternator - V:11.8 - 15
Input from solar panel - V:12 / 28v
Conventional alternator cut-in:AUTOMATIC
Max. Charging Current from Alternator:30
Max. charging current from solar panel - Amps:20
Max. charging current from 230V supply - Amps:20
Charging characteristic:5 stage with desulphation
Suitable for battery size - Ah:85 - 300
Suitable for battery types:All types of lead-acid battery inc. wet, AGM, Gel and Lithium LifePo4
Max. power input from solar panel - Watts:250
Dimensions (L x W x H) - mm:228 x 135 x 98
Product Net KG:1.7
Warranty - years:2

What's in the box

  • 1 x unit
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x pack of misc fuses
  • 1 x Mains Euro 2 pin Lead


Can the NDS Power Service Gold (PSG) units be mounted on a wall or vertical surface?

Yes, the PSG units can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, using the fixings supplied.

Customer Questions

Asked by Ron

I just purchased a Gold M40 from you. What is the RJ45 style plug on the front panel situated to the right of the connections and above the 240 volt plug for.

Answered by Andrew Harris at RoadPro on May 24th, 2018

That socket is only for use by NDS. Please don't use plug anything into it. By the way, we will have a brand new instruction and installation manual within the next week. If you send an email to ah@roadpro.co.uk, I will send you one as soon as I can.

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