Banner "Energy Bull" batteries

They may not have a fancy label with motorhomes, caravans or boats on it but Banner "Energy Bull" batteries are probably the best wet lead-acid leisure batteries you can buy. Because they're made in Austria, we know that Banner batteries have probably been manufactured just a matter of weeks before we pass them on to our customers. Every other leisure battery that we know of is made in China, South America or South Africa which means that, by the time they get to the end user, they're already in less than perfect condition.

Banner “Energy Bull” batteries are semi-traction batteries made with extra thick plates and vibration resistant construction. They are designed for use with machinery or other equipment where the ability to reliably provide constant power for periods of time is required. This makes them ideal for use as leisure batteries in motorhomes, caravans and boats, and they are fitted as standard equipment by many motorhome manufactures including Auto-Trail, Bailey and Rapido.

When used with a solar panel, a battery to battery charger or a mains charger that's on for days at a time, the electrolyte levels of Energy Bull batteries must be checked on a regular basis. This is easily done thanks to the translucent case. As with any wet lead-acid battery, if the electolyte is found to be low, it needs to be topped using distilled water. The filler caps on an Energy Bull battery are fitted with a seal which is designed to be leak-proof. To remove them Banner make a special cap removal tool but, as a much cheaper alternative, try using a 20 pence piece and a spanner. This enables the caps to be removed easily and without damage.

If used moderately and charged only by the vehicle’s standard charging system and perhaps an “intelligent” charger such as our CTEK models, evaporation of the electrolyte will be minimal but the levels should still be checked on a regular basis.

Please remember that the effective life of any battery is determined by how it’s used. For more information on battery care, see our FAQs leaflet. For information on warranty, see the PDF below.


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