FLEX solar panels

Semi-flexible solar panels are ideal for situations where a rigid panel can't be installed. Light weight and discreet appearance are added advantages.

We stock two types of semi-flexible panels: SolarFLEX from NDS and SuperFLEX. SolarFLEX panels use high efficiency SUNPOWER cells with back contact technology. This makes them stronger and more efficient than panels with standard crystalline cells. SolarFLEX panels are available in three sizes.

SuperFLEX panels are unlike any other panel available for use on vehicles and boats and they have a huge advantage in situations where conditions are less than ideal for generating power from a solar panel: in other words, in the UK! SuperFLEX panels are made using thin-film CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) cells. Unlike silicon cells, which only work efficiently when pointed directly at the sun, CIGS cells generate power even when the sun is hitting them at an acute angle, even early in the morning and late in the afternoon. What's more, because of their unique construction, panels made with CIGS cells will continue to work even when one or several of the cells are in shadow. This makes them perfect for use on narrowboats as well as motorhomes and caravans.

100W Superflex  Solar Panel

100W Superflex Solar Panel


  In Stock

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£415.83 ex VAT
NDS 110W Solarflex Solar Panel

NDS 110W Solarflex Solar Panel


  In Stock

£290.83 ex VAT
NDS 140W Solarflex Solar Panel

NDS 140W Solarflex Solar Panel


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£354.17 ex VAT
NDS Solarflex 50W Solar Panel

NDS Solarflex 50W Solar Panel


  In Stock

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£149.17 ex VAT
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