LPG  Equipment

In an ideal world, we think that running a vehicle or boat on D.C. electricity is the way to go. However, because things aren’t ideal, we’ve got equipment to enable you to make the most of L.P.G. and also to provide additional electrical power.

Alugas and Gaslow will not only make life in your motorhome or caravan much easier, they can also save you money. Simply fill up anywhere that sells LPG, both in the UK and all over Europe. 

Efoy fuel cells are the ultimate solution when it comes to keeping your vehicle's batteries topped up when mains hook-up isn't available. Reliable and efficient, they are designed to be permanently installed and work virtually silently whenever they're needed.


Please note we advise that any LPG repair work done on the gas system including Installation should only be done
by an approved LPG installer. We cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from incorrect installation or misuse.

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