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This is a replacement cover for 40cm RoadPro sat-domes with 12-hole rim fixing. Compatible with In-Motion, Static & Twin LNB variants.

We do not have a specific cover for the 30cm RoadPro Dome, but this cover will fit this size too. 

Please note: We can ship this F.O.C. within mainland UK. Outside mainland UK, because of the size of the box required to ship the product, the cost of shiping is very variable. Please email us at if you would like to check on shipping costs,

This Item is delivered plain and without any decals, image provided here is for display purpose only.

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Manufacturer's product code:RADOME(UPPER)40CM
Item in Kg:1.125

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Customer Questions

Asked by Gerald

Dear Sir/Madam We have a customer in need of replacement parts for their Satellite equipment, particularly the Dome/Cover, style Camos CSA 1450 AS/N (Camos 1450 sa). According to our dealer, your RoadPro part 40 cm Sat Dome is compatible with the cover mentioned. could you please confirm compatibility, or suggest the correct part so we may order these parts for our customer. Thank you in advance Gerald Malinowski

Answered by Allen Jenner at RoadPro on June 06th, 2018

Hello Gerald, yes the cover is compatible, the internal componants probably not.

Please contact with a picture of your system from above with the cover removed.


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