Votronic 3114 Charger Pb 1230 SMT 2B



£331.30 ex VAT


This top-quality, mains-powered battery charger is suitable for charging 12V batteries of most types when the battery's Ah capacity is 120 Ah ‐ 230 Ah (lead-acid) and 75 Ah ‐ 350 Ah (LiFePO4).

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  • This charger is intended solely for use when built into a vehicle, not as a stand-alone unit. Therefore, the supplied 230V power lead is not fitted with a UK 3-pin plug. It does have a continental 2-pin plug attached. 
  • A temperature sensor is not supplied with this charger. But one (C0325 or C85002) must be used if the charger is being used with a LiFePO4 lithium battery.   


Manufacturer's product code:3114
Product Net KG:1.35
Warranty - years:3

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