Votronic 1245 Duo-Storage-Battery-Tester S



£39.37 ex VAT


This compact and robust device optionally displays the two voltages of the on-board and starter batteries. It clearly shows the most interesting range of battery voltage from deep discharge to maximum charging voltage. The luminous dot display provides a fairly accurate display of the battery voltage, as intermediate values ​​can also be easily read due to neighboring luminous dots that shine at different levels of brightness. At the touch of a button, the on-board or starter battery voltage is selected or the display is switched off. If the battery voltage is low, red indicators indicate that the battery needs to be recharged. The connection is made via screw terminals on the back of the device. The duo battery tester S is designed as a panel version to match the VOTRONIC module system and can be optimally aligned with other VOTRONIC display panels (uniform height 85 mm). Of course, it is also possible to retrofit a single display in the vehicle. Small front panel dimensions and the particularly small installation depth of just 15 mm allow installation in almost any location, and the storage space behind it can still be used.


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Manufacturer's product code:1245
Product Net KG:0.028
Warranty period - Years:3

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