Votronic 1259 Volt / Ammeter With Shunt 100A



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The combined unit displays the actual operating data of battery and consumers: voltage and current.

During ammeter mode, the instantaneous battery current rates are displayed as exact digital numerical values, as well as in form of an analogue bar graph. This operating mode serves for control of the instantaneous battery current rates of the board battery’s charge and consumption. In contrast to conventional indicating instruments, also the important small current rates can be read exactly. Also consumers being erroneously still connected or latent consumers (insulation faults, wrong connections, stand-by units etc.) are recognized immediately. Discharge current rates are identified by a “-“ sign.

Exact measurement of the board voltage during voltmeter mode gives security, since harmful total discharge of the board battery is immediately recognized and avoided by immediate charging. Unusual strong voltage drops during consumer operation mostly are pointing to an aged storage battery. Excessive charging caused by uncontrolled chargers or other unsuitable charging sources can be recognized and can be avoided.

The voltage rate is displayed as exact digital numerical value. The additional bar graph covers a range from 10.5 to 15 Volts and visualizes the most interesting range of the battery voltage. When installing the unit, 12 V or 24 V operation must be adjusted once.

A plug-and-go cable connects display and robust precision measuring resistor (shunt near the battery), which is directly connected to the negative pole of the board battery, and which receives the voltage and current rates of the battery. Matching to the VOTRONIC modular system, appearance and mechanics (identical height 85 mm) of the unit are adapted to the other display modules, and the small mounting depth of only 18 mm allows an installation at almost any location. The display is equipped with a background illumination (switchable). So, the legibility of the values is very well, even at a great distance and with all lighting conditions.

The efficiency of the shunt is suitable for normal to average consumer/charging current rates up to 100 Amperes (perma- nent) corresponding to an usual equipment with several consumers and, for instance, one inverter up to approx. 800 Watts. However, the robust shunt withstands also considerably higher current rates for a short time (see table).

Note: The Voltmeter/Ammeter S is adapted to the measuring shunt being included in the delivery. It cannot be operated in connection with other measuring shunts or exchanged by each other!


Manufacturer's product code:1259
Product Net KG:1.3
Warranty period - Years:3

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