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The Votronic D+ Simulator Pro is used to simulate a D+ signal on vehicles such as motorhomes, campervans and special vehicles. When battery-to-battery chargers or consumer units are only supposed to be operated with the engine running, the D+ signal on the alternator is used to make sure this happens. If a D+ signal is not accessible or even not available as on some vehicles, the D+ Simulator saves time and money. It works by generating the signal when it detects the vibration of the running engine. It works independently from the alternator’s charging mode and is therefore particularly suitable for vehicles that have a smart alternator such as, for example, Euro-6-vehicles. 

The D+ Simulator is fully automatic, maintenance-free and offers the following functions:

  • Switch output: max. 0.3 A (+ switching, overload-protected and short-circuit proof)
  • Switch-on delay approx. 4 seconds to prevent faulty activations
  • Adjustable, additional voltage monitoring
  • Adjustable switch-off delay
  • Device status displayed on three-colour LED
  • Low intrinsic consumption
  • Suitable for 12 V and 24 V systems

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