Votronic 1263 LCD Battery Computer 100 S with Smart Shunt



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The LCD Battery Computer S is equipped with a freely programmable terminal for control, supervision and warning purposes. It can, for example, be used for automatic switching of consumers, independently of the board battery’s the charging state, or for warning signals. The on/off switching points can be adjusted freely and independently of each other as percentage (%) allowing any switching function. At the press of a button, manual control is possible at any time.


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Manufacturer's product code:1263
Product Net KG:0.615
Warranty period - Years:3

Customer Questions

Asked by Andrew

What will happen if I use the 100A battery computer when the battery is being discharged at a higher rate?

Answered by Andrew Harris at RoadPro on April 09th, 2021

The instruction manual (page 8) shows the maximum currents that can be used with Votronic battery computers. For example, the 100A model can handle 150A for 15 minutes and 200A for 7 minutes. If these maximum times are exceeded, the shunt will heat up and could be damaged. In particular, the plastic components could melt. We strongly advise using the approprate battery computer as per the instruction manual. 

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