Alugas Range

If you want the convenience of a refillable gas system and want to save weight at the same time, take a look at our range of Alugas products. 

Alugas refillable LPG cylinders are made of a light-weight alloy and have the big advantage over steel cylinders of being much lighter. If you have two cylinders in your motorhome or caravan, the difference in weight can be significant, making them a sensible choice in situations where load weight is critical.

The difference in weight for typical 11Kg cylinders is as follows:

  • Alugas 11Kg cylinder - empty: 6.7Kg
  • Alugas 11Kg cylinder - 80% full: 17.5Kg
  • Steel refillable 11Kg cylinder - empty: 12.4Kg
  • Steel refillable 11Kg cylinder - 80% full: 23.2Kg
  • Typical non-refillable 11Kg cylinder - empty: 13.1Kg
  • Typical non-refillable 11Kg cylinder - full: 23.9Kg

You can see that, by using two Alugas cylinders, it’s possible to make a weight saving of up to almost 13Kg over standard bottles.

A range of hoses, fillers, filler adaptors and everything needed for an installation is available.

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